The Hucksters
Renato Fratini

The Hucksters

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c.1965, acrylic on board

Cover illustration for Penguin reprint of Frederic Wakeman's scabrous take on New York's postwar ad industry.  It was one of the best-selling books of 1946 and reprinted many times thereafter.  In 1947 it was made into a film starring Clark Cable, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr - her debut in an American film.  Fratini's narrative brilliance captures the adulterous relationship which forces the hero to see how miserable he is.  One for Don Draper's bookshelf.  

Also used as the cover for ‘Les Chemins De La Vie.’ by Rosamond Marshall and for ‘The Left Hand Is The Dreamer’ by Nancy Wilson Ross. 

The original painting art board is approximately 40 cm wide x 55 cm tall

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