UNCOVERED: Illustrating the Sixties and Seventies

UNCOVERED: Illustrating the Sixties and Seventies

Exhibition Catalogue 

Lever Gallery is delighted to be able to showcase a selection of rare, original art work used for cover illustrations from the 1960s and early 70s. 

Artists selected for this exhibition include Ian Robertson, Yorkshire born Michael Johnson, who, with his Fine Art background and distinctive style, soon became one of the most sought after illustrators of the period, and a group of Italian illustrators who worked and lived around Soho and Chelsea, including the highly influential and style setting Renato Fratini, and other colleagues many of whom had previously worked in the Italian film industry such as, Gianluigi Coppola, Giorgio De Gaspari, and Pino Dell’Orco

The exhibition has been extended and now runs to 7th April  2018

This show has been made possible thanks to the enormous help and support of; 

Julia Martin-Wright, Mike DempseyMain Titles, Showhow, Lisa Baker Ltd, Madoc Architecture, Alan Williams


Other Peoples Lives - Michael Johnson