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BRIAN SANDERS: SELECTED WORKS: From 2001: A Space Odyssey to Mad Men


A celebration of the work of Brian Sanders, the leading British Illustrator, who rose to prominence in 1960s London.

As a member of Artist Partners he created work for most major UK magazines, from Sunday Times to Nova, for advertising campaigns such as Ford, Phillips and the British Army, and for film posters including ''Oh What A Lovely War", "Paint Your Wagon" and “Lady Sings The Blues".

During 1965 he was appointed by Stanley Kubrick to paint and draw the filming of "2001; A Space Odyssey". His work provides a beautiful and remarkable insight into one of the most celebrated science fiction movies of all time.

In 2011 Sanders recreated his early style of work and captured 1960s New York Madison Avenue in a poster and DVD cover for Mad Men Series 6. 

The exhibition includes original art works and limited edition prints. These are available for look at and purchase in the show catalogue HERE.

We also have limited numbers of Exhibition Art Posters signed by Brian Sanders. These will be available for the duration of the show only.

Filming of the Moon Pit Scene, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Brian Sanders , 1965

Filming of the Moon Pit Scene, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Brian Sanders, 1965Le Mans, 1963, Brian Sanders
Le Mans, 1963, Brian Sanders
Noel Coward, Nova Magazine, 1970, Brian Sanders
Noel Coward, Nova Magazine, 1970, Brian Sanders