Peter Ashworth

Ashworth photographed many famous and iconic stars of the 1980s, including Soft Cell, Eurythmics, Blancmange, The The, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Adam Ant, Tina Turner, Julian Cope, The Clash amongst others for album sleeves and magazine covers.
In a time before Photoshop, Ashworth designed, built and lit beautiful and fantastical sets and backdrops for his subjects. His photographs often became the ‘image’ by which the stars were identified, take for example his photograph of Annie Lennox for the cover for Eurythmics album ‘Touch’.
Mari Wilson, whom he also photographed, featured him in her lyric;
“I've got a mink from Paris, a ring from Rome A whole new wardrobe in my home A tune from Teddy, an Ashworth snap These are the landmarks on my map I've got just what I always wanted”
Mari Wilson, ‘Just what I always wanted’ (music & lyrics by Tot Taylor / © Songmatic Music)
This exhibition features a collection of works, personally selected from his archive, reflecting the pop aesthetic of the 1980s. He still works in music and fashion photography and is in the process of creating a more complete digital archive.