'Uncovered' & 'Brian Sanders' shows - both 'Critics Choices' in the Telegraph

'Uncovered' & 'Brian Sanders' shows - both 'Critics Choices' in the Telegraph

'Uncovered : Illustrating the Sixties and Seventies'

'Executed mostly by Italian émigré artists in a dizzying mixture of pop art and Ol Master technique, these salacious images of big eyed dolly birds and gun-toting villains enjoyed huge popularity in the Sixties and Seventies.'

Mark Hudson - Telegraph Art Critic - 'Critics' Choice' in the Saturday Telegraph on 27th January 2018.


Brian Sanders: 2001: A Space Odyssey to Mad Men

'Whether illustrating sob stories for women's magazines or recording the making of the sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, Brian Sanders perfected a quirky visual style that has come to epitomise the giddy Sixties.'

Mark Hudson's 'Critics' Choice for the Week Ahead' in the Sunday Telegraph 21 May 2017