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Renato Fratini - a master of book cover, film poster and magazine illustration

RENATO FRATINI, The Wild Affair, © Renato Fratini

More stunning work that we uncovered on our travels to Italy. Some of the last remaining examples of Renato Fratini's work.

Fratini was one of the most successful and talented illustrators during the 1960's. He produced iconic film posters at the Favali brothers studio in Rome and at the D'Ami studio in Milan before working Eric Pulford in London. Fratini created iconic film posters for 'From Russia With Love '(1963), 'Whistle Down the Wind' (1961) and 'Phantom of the Opera' (1962). He soon became one of the most sought after and highly paid illustrators of the period. Works above are; top 'The Wild Affair' a magaizne story illustration and below the cover for 'Welcome To Thebes', a 1960's novel by Glendon Swarthout. Images © Renato Fratini. We are only just working our way through this extraordinary collection of original works. Will be sure to be posting some more Fratini images soon. 

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