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Visage - Visage - LP sleeve

Visage - Visage - LP sleeve

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Limited edition hand printed photograph : 12 off each image.
Paper size: approx 51 cm (20 inch) (W) x 61 cm (24 inch) (H)
Image size: approx 46 cm (18 inch) square

Printed on exhibition quality FujiFlex Supergloss photographic paper 
Signed Certificate of Authenticity included.
This photograph is part of the National Portrait Gallery permanent collection

Steve Strange dances with Vivienne Lynn in front of a silhouetted 3-piece jazz band. It is the 18th April 1980, and this is the Blitz Club. The two dancers wear the latest PX clothing, the shop was just a street away, and Steve was it’s face. The band behind the curtain are, from left, Stephen Jones, Darryl Humphries, Cerith Wyn Evans. Referencing Brassai's photographs of the demi-monde in 1920s Paris, it is shot on grainy b/w TriX.135.36 negative film and moodily lit. This image was airbrushed for the sleeve of the debut Visage LP.

Date: 18th April 1980
Location: Blitz Club, Gt. Queen Street, WC2
Film: TriX.135.36 b/w negative
Camera: Nikon w 50mm lens
This digital version was made from a scan of the original b/w negative film, on 13th February 2015, for the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery.