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Erasure - phone-booth - single sleeve shoot

Erasure - phone-booth - single sleeve shoot

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Limited edition hand printed photograph : 12 off each image.
Paper size: approx 51 cm (20 inch) (W) x 61 cm (24 inch) (H)
Image size: approx 46 cm (18 inch) square
Printed on exhibition quality FujiFlex Supergloss photographic paper 
Signed Certificate of Authenticity included
This photograph is part of the National Portrait Gallery permanent collection

Andy Bell and Vince Clark, stand amongst the chrome and perspex phone booths, at Waterloo Railway Station. Andy, elegantly attired in a plasticised check suit, turns to one side, casually leaning against a phone in the foreground. Vince, in working jacket and jeans, peers out, partially hidden amongst the tech landscape, as if in backroom/stage mode. The mixed lights shimmer on, and though, the many reflective metal and transparent surfaces of the “future” of the phone-booth. Using available light it was a fast, hit-and-run shoot. The location having been pre-selected from polaroids I had shot a few days earlier. This shoot for Mute Records, included the “In My Arms” single sleeve shot.

Date: 16th October 1996
Location: Waterloo Railway Station
Film: EPR.120 colour transparency film 
Camera: Hasselblad 500CM body with 50mm lens 

This digitised version was created from a scan of a Fujichrome colour print, on the 24th April 2018. A print from a 2015 scan is in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery.