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Dave Ball - In Strict Tempo - LP sleeve

Dave Ball - In Strict Tempo - LP sleeve

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Limited edition hand printed photograph : 12 off each image.
Paper size: approx 51 cm (20 inch) (W) x 61 cm (24 inch) (H)
Image size: approx 46 cm (18 inch) square

Printed on exhibition quality FujiFlex Supergloss photographic paper 
Signed Certificate of Authenticity included.

Paul Bee Hampshire, chained to a tympanic drum, is in the process of being beaten by John Balance, of the band Coil. Concept by Marc Almond. A very literal cover image is enhanced by strong lighting. The action is cross-lit in red and blue, with a tumultuous background in red, black and white made from a mix of light and shadow on a white background.

Date: 22nd August 1983
Location: Bagley's Warehouse
Film: EPR.120 colour transparency film 
Camera: Hasselblad 500CM body w 150mm lens 

This digitised version, scanned from the original colour transparency (frame 9), was made on the 17th March 2018.