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Bishi - Swirl

Bishi - Swirl

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Limited edition hand printed photograph : 12 off each image.
Paper size: approx 51 cm (20 inch) (W) x 61 cm (24 inch) (H)
Image size: approx 46 cm (18 inch) square

Printed on exhibition quality FujiFlex Supergloss photographic paper 
Signed Certificate of Authenticity included.

A portrait of Bishi, singer, musician, performance artist, DJ, provocateur. She gazes deeply into the camera, holding our attention. Her typically exotic outfit - ruff:rosy nicholas - corset:whitaker malem - hair:marimarilondon - mu:victorvictoriamusic - a silver shimmer, along with her antennae-like hairstyle creates a striking image. A whirlwind with a steady focussed centre.

Date: 17th April 2010
Location: disused factory in Walthamstow
Camera: D700 Nikon (digital body) w 17-35mm zoom lens