Annie Lennox - Eurythmics Touch - LP sleeve
Peter Ashworth

Annie Lennox - Eurythmics Touch - LP sleeve

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Limited edition hand printed photograph : 12 off each image.
Paper size: approx 51 cm (20 inch) (W) x 61 cm (24 inch) (H)
Image size: approx 46 cm (18 inch) square

Printed on exhibition quality FujiFlex Supergloss photographic paper 
Signed Certificate of Authenticity included.
This photograph is part of the National Portrait Gallery permanent collection

Annie Lennox is wearing a mask, parodying the strongman pose. This is a very
simple image of contradiction - vulnerability and power. Annie's continual use of
costume and attitude throughout her career in a search for the alternative persona, has created intrigue and mystery around her that remains to this day. Shot on the 1st September 1983, at Bagley's Warehouse, for the cover of the October 1983 issue #42 of The Face magazine. This image then became the sleeve of the Eurythmics forthcoming album, Touch, which was released in November of that year.

Date: 1st September 1983
Location: Bagleys Warehouse
FilmEPR.120 colour transparency film
CameraHasselblad 500CM body w 150mm lens
This digitised version from a scan of the original colour transparency, was created on the 17th February 2015, for the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

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