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Opening Exhibition 'Smoking Guns - Illustrating the Sixties'


9th December 2016 - DUE TO DEMAND NOW OPEN UNTIL March 2017

- Now Lever Gallery first ever exhibition celebrates the radical reinvention of Sixties style.

The opening exhibition of the new Lever Gallery  "Smoking Guns: Illustrating the Sixties" focuses on an influential group of commercial artists who flourished in London’s thriving advertising, film and publishing scene during that pivotal era.  In the first true decade of consumerism, lifestyle illustration provides crucial evidence of just how radically the way in which we saw ourselves changed.  

The exhibition will feature more than 50 originals of published work by artists including Michael Johnson, Renato Fratini, Gianluigi Coppola, Walter Wyles, Pino Dell’Orco, Giorgio de Gaspari, Gino D’Achille, Nicola Simbari, Harry Zelinski and Ian Robertson.

Together these present a rare and authentic glimpse of the vibrant creative scene that waved goodbye to post-war austerity.

RENATO FRATINI Try Anything Twice , 1965© Renato Fratini


PINO DELL’ORCO A Free Agent, c 1964 © Pino Dell 'Orco

MICHAEL JOHNSON Woman, Bullseye, Cities, c 1965 © Michael Johnson

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