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Desperately seeking space

Desperately seeking space for an art gallery.  In London, in Clerkenwell.  Where rents have escalated beyond the hopes of most.  Walking down the Goswell Road we spy this.  It was a bank branch.  Then a pound shop.  

We take it in from all angles.  Check out those windows.  Where there’s glass, there’s light.  

Contracts signed.  The space is ours.  Can’t quite believe it but we have keys to what will be the Lever Gallery.  On fast changing Goswell Street.  Just down from us is Zaha Hadid’s office and gallery. On the opposite corner is City University’s campus, due for a multi-million pound upgrade.  So why Lever Gallery?  Why not Goswell?  Lever Street is opposite and we like it.  Makes sense to us.  

The catch, there’s always a catch, the place is a mess, in a total state. Fortunately, we know just the man for the job. It helps when your brother is an architect. The other Madoc-Jones. Pascal. 

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