Welcome to the Lever Gallery

Welcome to the Lever Gallery

We're almost ready to open our doors for the first time, almost.  We've just a few more things to prepare (bites knuckles) before our opening exhibition in December when you can come in and look around.  Before then, we thought we'd give you a glimpse or two of what's happening behind those big glass windows on Goswell Road. 

I'm Didier Madoc-Jones and with Robert Graves we are co-founders and co-owners of the Lever Gallery. You may have come across us as GMJ www.gmj.net  the leading architectural visualisation studio.  Or maybe you saw our digital imagery www.postcardsfromthefuture.com which made headlines around the world for it's dystopian urban visualisations based on actual global warming predictions.   

With the Lever Gallery we're time travelling again - back to a pre-digital era.  Back to a moment when lifestyle illustration dominated visual media. In our digital world there is something magical - and increasingly rare - about the handmade.  In it's heyday lifestyle illustration captured, like nothing else, just how much changed for ordinary people during the post war decades.

Check back here for regular updates on the first exhibition, the illustrators and our latest news.  You can also sign up here to be first for regular updates. Or find us via the usual social sites.

Until next time. 

Didier Madoc-Jones

Gallery Director